Ithil - Web3 Frontend Developer

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Minimum Experience Mid-level

Part time or Full time | 100% Remote

About Ithil:

The company is aiming at changing the way people trade right now by opening a new range of investment opportunities. We started a few months ago with a simple goal: help make people earn more, in a more decentralised way. We offer a set of risk- adjusted investment strategies for users to play with, ranging from margin trading, leveraged staking on Yearn and dexes to more exotic ones like a win-win strategy on PoolTogether. We ship a lot of code to help in this goal and we're excited about continuing to grow the team this year.

Ithil is looking for a Web3 Frontend Developer to join our engineering team as a frontend and web3 developer. This role is lots and lots of code: implementing new features, maintaining existing ones and sometimes reaching out to the community to make sure we're delivering a great product to our users and to the whole community. You will be expected to work closely with the core team every day, providing input and executing well so that the team is a well-oiled machine. We enjoy a mix of remote work, sometimes pairing and sometimes going solo.

Your P&L will be your results, how well you're keeping up with test coverage, helping us uphold delivery milestones and maintaining a healthy balance between technical debt and testing new things.

Tech Stack:

  • ReactJS, ethers and other web3 libraries for the frontend,
  • CSS and Figma for the UI
  • Jira as our checklist/todo/management tool
  • GitHub Issues for bugs, small and big upgrades and tech debt, all serviced concurrently
  • Daily standups and communication via Discord and Google Meet


  • Ability to write clean, well-documented, tested code
  • Be a finisher. Shipping code to production is hard and takes a good bit of
  • discipline
  • Care greatly about the end result and the user experience
  • Be receptive to feedback and be good at giving it. Be a good team player
  • Previous experience in Web3 or as a Frontend Developer


  • Totally remote job and flexible working hours.
  • Access to our wide network of DeFi protocols, TradFi and advisors, in the top 10 players in the space.
  • Free entry to Ethereum live events (next being ETHCC). A possible token allocation for long-term commitment.

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